Production Details

Powder Caramel for Food Color (E150d-15DP)

Basic Information

Product NO. JNTC01-15DP01
Appearance Dark Brown to Black Powder
Particle Size (100 Mesh) >90% Pass Through
pH 4.5-5.5
Light Proof (Sunlight) Hr ≥6
Absorbance (@610 nm) 0.380-0.480
Package 20Kg/Carton, 25Kg/Kraft Bag
Origin Shandong, China
HS Code 1702909090

Product Description

Powder Caramel Color


  1. Product Name: Powder Caramel Color (15DP01)
  2. Process Type: Sulfite ammonia (E150d)
  3. CAS No.: 8028-89-5, 1343-75-5
    EINECS No.: 232-435-9
  4. Raw Materials: NON-GMO
  5. Grade: Food Grade
  6. Appearance and consistency: Brown to black free flowing powder or granule
  7. Features: Good water solubility, acid proof, alcohol properties and stable quality.
  8. Package: 20Kg/Carton, 25Kg/Kraft Bag or as custom-made
  9. Shelf life: 2 Years


Physical and Chemical Properties

Absorbance (@ 610 nm) 0.380 - 0.480
pH 4.5 - 5.5
Moisture % <4.0
Light Proof (sunlight) (hr) ≥6
Particle Size (100 mesh) ≥90% pass through

Harmful Substances and Microbiological Specification

Arsenic (As) ppm ≤1.0
Lead (Pb) ppm ≤2.0
Mercury (Hg) ppm ≤0.1
Cadmium (Cd) ppm ≤1.0
4-Methylimidazole ppm ≤200
Total Nitrogen % ≤3.3
Total Sulphur % ≤3.5
Sulphur Dioxide (as SO2) % ≤0.2
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (as NH3) % ≤0.6
Coliforms (MPN/g) <3
Standard Plate Count (cfu/g) <1000

List of Classification

Classification INS No. EU No. Description Restrictions on Preparation Used In
I 150a E150a Plain caramel, caustic caramel, spirit caramel No ammonium or sulfite compounds can be used Whiskey among many
II 150b E150b Caustic sulfite caramel In the presence of sulfite compounds but no ammonium compounds can be used Cognac, sherry and balsamic vinegar
III 150c E150c Ammonia caramel, baker's caramel, confectioner's caramel, beer caramel In the presence of ammonium compounds but no sulfite compounds can be used Beer, sauces, and confectionery
IV 150d E150d Sulfite ammonia caramel, acid-proof caramel, soft-drink caramel In the presence of both sulfite and ammonium compounds Acid environments such as soft drinks or bakery


Powder Caramel Color 15DP01 is widely used in baked goods, powdered soy sauces, compound seasonings, various dry mixes and other uses where higher color intensity is desirable. Customers are advised to test and confirm by themselves whether this ingredient is suitable to be used in their products.


Stored in tightly closed containers in a cool and dry environment, preferably not to exceed 25ºC. Avoid from direct light, oxygen and freezing.


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