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Sorbitol Powder for Food Grade

Basic Information

Product NO. JNTE01-S02
Sorbitol % ≥98
Total sugars % ≤0.5
pH (50% water solution) 5.0-7.0
Package 25kg/Compound Kraft
Origin Shandong, China
HS Code 2905440000

Product Description



Sorbitol, also known as glucitol, is a new kind of sweetener made from purified glucose as material via hydrogenation refining, concentrating. When it was absorbed by human body, it spreads slowly and then oxidizes to fructose, and takes part in fructose metabolization. It doesn't affect blood sugar and uric sugar. Hence, it can be used as sweetener for diabetics. With high-moisture-tatiblizing, acid-resisitance and non-ferment nature, it can be used as sweetener and monisturizer.
Most sorbitol is made from corn syrup, but it is also found in apples, pears, peaches, and prunes. Sorbitol is similar with mannitol in structure but they have very different sources in nature, melting points, and uses.


Product Name Sorbitol Powder
Grade Food Grade
Main Ingridients Sorbitol
Raw Material Non-GMO Corn Starch


Appearance White crystalline granule or powder
Sorbitol % ≥98.0
Reducing Sugars % ≤0.15
Total Sugars % ≤0.5
pH (50% water solution) 5.0 - 7.0
Residual on Ignition % ≤0.10
Heavy Metal (mg/kg) ≤5.0
Nickel (mg/kg) ≤1.0
Arsenic (As) (mg/kg) ≤1.0
Lead (Pb) (mg/kg) ≤0.5
Chloride (mg/kg) ≤50
Sulphate (mg/kg) ≤50
Total Bacteria (cfu/g) ≤100
E. coli Negative


  1. Sweetener

    Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sugar substitute. Sorbitol has approximately 60% the sweetness of sucrose.Sorbitol is referred to as a nutritive sweetener which has 1/3 fewer calories than sugar. It is often used in diet foods (including diet drinks and ice cream), mints, cough syrups, and sugar-free chewing gum. Moreover, it can be used in a wide variety of industries including: food production, beverage, pharmaceutical, and various other industries.

    Sorbitol in Food Production
    Sorbitol is widely used as sweetener, humectant in food production.
    • As sweetener: in candy products to provide sweetness.
    • As humectant: in bread and cake to keep fresh and soft.
    Sorbitol in Beverage
    Sorbitol is widely used as sweetener, humectant in beverage.
    • As sweetener, humectant: in cool drinks to keep fresh and extend shelf life.
    Sorbitol in Pharmaceutical
    Sorbitol is widely used as Diuretic dehydrating agent and sweetener in Pharmaceutical.
    • As Diuretic dehydrating agent : in injection to reduce intracranial pressure and prevent cerebral edema.
    • As sweetener: in Oral Solution to be diabetes' sugar substitute.
  2. Medical Applications

    A treatment using sorbitol and ion-exchange resin sodium polystyrene sulfonate (tradename Kayexalate), helps remove excess potassium ions when in a hyperkalaemic state. The resin exchanges sodium ions for potassium ions in the bowel, while sorbitol helps to eliminate it. In 2010 the U.S. FDA issued a warning of increased risk for GI necrosis with this combination.

    Sorbitol is also used in the manufacture of softgels to store single doses of liquid medicines.

  3. Health Care and Cosmetic Uses

    Sorbitol often is used in modern cosmetics as a humectant and thickener. Sorbitol often is used in mouthwash and toothpaste. Some transparent gels can be made only with sorbitol, as it has a refractive index sufficiently high for transparent formulations.

    Cosmetic products are often thickened with sorbitol. It may be added to chewing tobacco to improve the flavor and to cigarettes to keep the tobacco inside from breaking down and crumbling. Mouthwashes and toothpastes are made more transparent and pleasant tasting with the addition of this sugar alcohol, as are cough drops and syrups. Hair gels and shampoos also frequently contain sorbitol.

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