Production Details

Disposable Foil Heating Pad From Bottom for IBC Barrel

Basic Information

Product NO. JNTH01-HP02
Material Aluminium Foil (Pad)
Heating Wire Multiple
Package Carton
Origin Shandong, China
HS Code 8516800000

Product Description

Disposable Foil Heating Pad for IBC Barrel


This production is made of aluminum foil and multiplied heating wire, so it is flexible and its heating is even and high effective. It is also safe for use. It can contact the object tightly to take full advantage of the heat. It can be made customized with varoius of shape and power.


  1. Fast heating, high effective and plasticity;
  2. Resistant to water, acid and alkali, with good insulativity;
  3. Good mechanical strength bearing pressure no more than 100kg/cm2;
  4. Small volum, occupying little space;
  5. Insulative and fireproof, convenient for setting up;
  6. Built-in thermostatic switch or equipped with adjustable thermostat (optional);
  7. Material: Aluminium foil (pad), Iron-chrome-aluminium alloy (heating wire).


Widely used to heat or keep warm on various barrel, can be covered close to the side surface or bottom of the subjects.
Could also be used to heat other equipment in cold environment.

Heating Wires: multiplied wires

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